About Us

TS Multitech is a consulting engineering firm that provides planning, design and supervision services for all types of  engineering projects. The Company in a short period has inducted highly trained professionals who have endeavoured to produce quality work for client’s projects . Clients have placed full trust in TS Multitech in meeting deadlines as well as required specifications and quality.


The Company aims at meeting the following objectives;

    • Provide cost-effective and efficient engineering services
    • Achieve high standards of competence in technical, professional and safety aspects
    • Institute a high-caliber quality control mechanism
    • Strive to acquire local as well as overseas business in various areas
    • Provide innovative and creative solutions with state of the art technology
    • Contribute meaningfully to the advancement of engineering profession

Our team approach to each project and service helps achieve a high-level of safety, cost-savings, quality, and professionalism for each client. We are the go-to consultants for integrated engineering solutions from concept to commissioning.